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Ron is a Mobile Marketing Expert specializing in Mobile Websites, Mobile APPS, SMS Text Marketing & Geo Conquesting. Contact him today!
Mobile Marketing Made Easy With Our New Mobile Technology Platforms
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Ron Duval, Sales Manager

Ron is the TOP salesperson at SMS Mobile Marketing Pro and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to mobile marketing. Ron is backed by our great marketing team...
Mobile Marketing Made Easy With Our New Mobile Technology Platforms
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SMS Text Marketing
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Is Your Business Mobile Ready?
  •  95% of businesses do not have a mobile presence today
  •   Research indicates 5 Billion Smartphones will be activated by end of 2017
  •  30% of mobile shoppers abandon a transaction if the experience is not optimized for mobile
  •  We live in a digital world and are competing in a mobile marketplace 
SMS Text Marketing
As a Local Business Owner, you depend on one thing more
than any other in growing your business…

Happy Customers coming back again and again…
But the problem is that you don’t have a way to predict when they will be coming back…
So you try different methods to encourage them to come back more often…
Social Media Ads
Direct Mail
Email Marketing
Coupon Mailers
Which takes lots of planning, can be very costly and you have no idea if they will work.
Especially on days and times when business is slow...
We have the solution to your problem. We can show you how to bring in happy
customers any time of the day you want...
Do you know how to send a text message? Of course you do!
And that ALL it takes to be a Successful Marketer!
Now is the Time to start using our SMS Text Messaging platform
to take control of your marketing!
Why? Because People in ALL Countries now have access to cell phones. AND...
91% of Smart Phone users have their phones within reach 24 hours a day now!
93% of Smart Phone owners have their phones with them while shopping!
Texting is the most widely and frequently used app on a smartphone, with 97% of Americans using it at least  once a day!
Text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 10% open rate. 
Did you know Sales prospects who are sent text messages convert at a rate 40% higher than those who are not sent any text messages.

75% of people surveyed said they would like to have offers and coupons sent to them via SMS. 

Our Solution offers the Best Platform for Mobile Coupons with Trackable Redemption
Mobile Landing Pages linked to SMS, Opt-In Forms,
Appointment Reminders and Confirmation System
Plus Contests, Raffles and Loyalty Program Virtual Punch Cards
Using one of our 24 industry specific VIP opt-in sign templates, we will help you create the perfect campaign so you can simply set up your opt-in sign and watch the leads roll in .
SMS Marketing gives you:
  •  Instant Reach: 
          98% of Text Messages are read in under 30         minutes
  •  Instant Sales: Bring in Eager Customers with      Specials and Promotions at the push of a             button
  •  Retain Customers: Keep your best                     customers notified of specials and new                 products.
Here are a few Actual Case Studies
Pizza Restaurant                                  Hair Salon                                     Retail Store
That is an AVERAGE of over $400 Per Text Message Sent
or around $1 Per Subscriber Per Text… PER WEEK!!!
Mobile Apps
What are Mobile Apps?
  • Applications or programs created to run on mobile devices; Smartphones, Tablets, etc...
  • Early apps include games, calculators, ring tones, clocks...
  • More recently, sophisticated apps like weather information, GPS tracking, contact lists...
  •  Presently, apps can give driving directions, used like tickets or boarding passes, anything... 
  •  Apps now generate more than $25 Billion annually.
  •  Apps are now, more than ever, required for businesses, large and small.
Types of Mobile Apps
Native Apps:
  • Created for specific platforms; iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android...
  • Able to use all of device's features; camera, contact list, GPS, notification system...
  • Ability to multi-task and operate at fast speeds...
Web Apps:
  • Website that acts like a native app...
  • Require and use a web browser...
  • Are easier to create and develop...
Hybrid Apps:
  • Combination of a native app and a web app...
  • Require and use a embedded web browser...
  • Found in an app store...
  •  Easier to build and are faster than native apps
Benefits of Mobile Apps
  • Make life easier and easy to use
  • Create an intimate relationship and convienent shopping experience with businesses
  •  Have many functions including reminders and appointments
  •  There are apps for everything and within the touch of a finger
Why Mobile Apps
  • 80% of time on mobile phones is spent inside of mobile apps
  • The average user uses 6.5 apps throughtout a 30-day period
  •  Average amount of time spent per day on apps is 94 minutes
  •  87% of app downloaders use deal-of-the-day mobile websites
  •  80% of consumers are receptive to receiving texts
  •  78% of smartphone users access a retail website via a mobile app
  •  44% of tablet users access a retail website via a mobile app
  •  Advertising is now the most popular revenue model for mobile apps
  •  70% of users have 10+ apps
  •  29% of users have 30+ apps
  •  60% of users download 5 new apps a month
  •  72% of consumers have a more positive view of a company with a customer support app
  •  Mobile commerce exceeds 50 Billion
  •  Offering store mode increases customer engagement
  •  2 out of 3 app users use them on a daily basis
  •  24% of US population uses apps regularly
  •  61% of users conduct LOCAL business searches on apps
  •  71% of people with smartphones conduct primarily mobile searches
  •  Those same people use 12 to 25 apps on a regular basis
  •  Over 60 Billion mobile apps have been downloaded
Benefits of Business Mobile Apps
  •  Increased customer loyalty
  •  Promote and market your business
  •  Decreased marketing costs
  • Generate leads and market to them at a later time
  •  Increase traffic to your business, website and mobile website
  •  Showcase your products and / or services
  •  Allows you to offer more personalized customer support
  •  Allows you to teach your customers about product use and services
  •  Increases customers' confidence in your business
  •  Competitive advantage
  •  And much much more...
How Does a Business App Increase Business?
  • Engage Customers
  •  Send Push Notifications
  • Specials, Coupons, Deals for VIP App users
  • Spur of the moment notification of 2 for 1 specials
  •  Extend happy hour
  •  Free appetizers
  • Create loyalty program
  •  Multiple programs running at once
  • Examples: 
  •  5 dinners for 2, get drink & appetizer for free
  • 10th dinner for 2, 1 eats free
  •  10th car wash is free etc...
  • Create coupons
  •  Birthday clubs
  • Holiday specials
  •  Interactive scratch off coupons
Sample Apps
Car Dealerships
Hair & Nail Salons
Night Clubs
Churches - Organizations
Specialty Services
Specialty Shops
Pet Stores
Schools - Colleges
Doctors - Dentists - Chiropractors
Mobile Websites
Mobile Is Set To Overtake Desktop!
Is Your Business Mobile Friendly?
Find Out How To Make Sure Your Business Is Ready
What Is A Mobile Website?
A mobile website, also known as a "Responsive" website, is a website designed specifically for devices with smaller screens and touch-screen capabilities. IE; smartphones and tablets. These websites are accessed using any mobile device's web browser, like Safari on iPhone or iPad and Chrome on Android. They are optimized to load faster and display the website according to screen size, unlike traditional websites.
What Is A Responsive Website?
Responsive web design means web design for multiple devices. It enables you to build one website that works across all devices such as a desktop computer, smartphone and table. When someone visits your responsively designed website, the site will automatically respond and reconfigure itself to work within the constraints of the user’s device.
Benefits Of A Mobile Website?
The obvious benefit of a mobile website is it makes traditional websites more accessible for mobile users. It can have all the same elements as the regular version of the website, such as the look, the feel, the same pages, images and other content, but has been optimized in a mobile friendly layout. 

Now, your traditional business website can be accessed via cell phone or tablet and have the same readability and functionality. By having a mobile website, customers can access your website anytime, anywhere using any device, without compromising the user experience. 
Why Go Mobile?
If you’re still trying to decide whether it’s worth your business having a mobile optimized website then here are some statistics from Google that might help you make your decision:
  •  67% of smartphone users surveyed said that they were more likely to make a purchase               when visiting a business’s mobile-friendly site compared to a business site that wasn’t               properly optimized for mobile
  •   61% said they would most likely leave a site that wasn’t optimized for mobile devices 
  •   79% of smartphone users use their phone to help with a purchasing decision and will make       a purchase as a result of their search 
  •   52% of users surveyed said that a bad mobile experience will make them less likely to               engage with that company in the future
What this means is that if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website then you are more than likely losing prospective customers to your competitors.
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